Basement Anthems

by The McGunks

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Everything you love goes circling down the drain Watch it wash away My road ain’t as bad as it seems Says yesterday Going in line Going out fast Better face the fact More than you could ever see Never losing site Give me just one more reason Something to lose Play it fast in the deep end I’ve been up I’ve been down I gotta think it through Made my way all around I gotta think it through I seen the dark I ain’t seen the light I gotta think it through Been that way all my life I gotta think it through No mistake I was gonna change Yeah that was why Left me in the cold Out with the old Never wondered why Set em up high Chase em down low Smile through the pain Set on forth a collision course Never gonna explain
Fall 02:26
Holdin’ It all up inside Never gonna see it through Hopin’ All your foolish pride Will never get the best of you When you live your life living like You ain’t got a clue When you live your life living like There’s nothing you can do You can’t fall off if you never get on Wasting your life away You can’t fall off if you never get on Wasting your life away Waiting Each and every day Keep on searching for the light Hoping There’s a better way Only one day you’ll be fine (Pre) (Chorus) (Pre) (Chorus) Fall Away Fall Away Fall Away
Feeling like a train wreck All black and blue Getting drunk and falling down That ain’t nothing new Missed another sunset by the barroom light Waiting for that someone Who ain’t showing up tonight With all my troubles Ain’t going away Cause all my trouble Is here to stay Monday morning Better off dead I should stay right here in bed I feel like something I said Monday morning Better off dead Feeling like a hit and run Stranded in the rain Waiting for an answer One that never came Wait a minute Would ya Before you pour last call I’m off the handle Heading through the wall (Pre) (Chorus) Better off dead x4 (Chorus) Better off dead x 2 (Chorus)
Story 03:50
Another time Another place And no good reason why You’re on the outside looking in And the dues That you pay Make you want to die Knocking em down All over again Poor boys always lose Sad boys never win Take one to the chin Yet again Find myself writing a story The one last chance at glory Woah no Find myself writing a story The one last chance at glory Woah no And all the time That you waste Never find a way Never gonna find a way Back around And the lies That you face Will tear you up inside Living it up all the way downtown (Pre) (Chorus) but replace “Chance” with “Shot” Find myself writing a story Tell me tell me another story One more shot at glory (Pre) (Chorus) Find myself writing a story One more shot at glory x2 No No No No No No No Find myself writing a story
Was a time In my life When I never I never thought twice All about remember when and Knowing now what I didn’t know then First you told me Then you showed me Heaven hold me Who’s laughing now? Had a feeling Double dealing Left me reeling Who’s laughing now Now now now now Now now now now now Don’t believe What you say Until I’ve found out that you lost your way Held me Hold me out Left me swimming in the middle of doubt (Pre) (Chorus) (Pre) x2 (Chorus)
Killing Me 03:23
I’ve been broken And left all alone Never gonna find my way Find it back home Make it Break it Fake it Take it It all heals with time Never gonna end that way Never feeling fine No one ever wants to say goodbye Now or never Do or die Killing me slowly Killing me all the time There’s a little bit more A little bit less Of me left inside x/2 One day you’re gonna find out Find out for yourself It’s a long road back From being something else Something great Something fake It all comes around They’re gonna give you up Just to keep you down (Pre) (Chorus) Solo (Chorus) Killing me slowly Killing me all the time
Many miles have come between us All those days have come and gone History’s written by winners Everyone else just sings along I’ve been here waiting Waiting for you Turn around Looking back Don’t see you Lie to me or don’t Say you will or won’t I don’t need you Shoot the moon and miss Don’t care if you insist I don’t need you I don’t need you Now and then its gonna happen In the shadows of my mind Everything we see as tragic Getting stranger Stranger all the time (pre) (chorus) Cowbell (chorus)


Basement Anthems has the feel of a live McGunks show. You can almost taste the sweat and stale beer covering each track. Recorded in a hot practice space and a musty basement, this is the best representation of what the McGunks are about. Grab a 12 pack, some whiskey and start singing along.


released August 28, 2017

Bob McGunk-Vocals, Guitar
Bobby McGunk-Drums, Vocals
Nate McGunk-Guitar, Vocals
James McGunk-Bass, Vocals


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The McGunks Providence, Rhode Island

The MCGUNKS are a 4-piece hi-energy rock and roll band from the Providence area that formed in 2003. Rooted firmly in a rock and roll background, their music reflects rockabilly, punk rock, and even a teensy-tiny bit of country. After multiple prior releases and a retooling of the bands line up, The McGunks are looking forward to regional touring, Be warned!!! They'll be invading your town soon! ... more


  • Jan 15
    Salem, MA

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